Fixed asset inventory

The physical inventory of the fixed assets is a service offered independently by our staff with many years of experience gained thanks to over 4000 Fixed Asset Management projects. This activity consists in researching and identifying every single asset, labelling it with either RFID tags, QR Code or barcode labels and classifying it by location and description.


The process of physical-accounting reconciliation consists in the alignment between the accounting situation in the fixed asset register and the reality found during the inventory phase. The results of this activity allow to obtain a univocal correspondence between accounting data and the physical data gathered during the inventory phase allowing to fix any accounting-physical mismatches.


It is necessary to provide a maintenance process which, over time, properly handles new inputs, movements and disposal of items. In order to pursue this goal, the Client can choose two different paths: a full-outsourcing solution, where all activities are outsourced through periodical inspections to Censit or, as an alternative, it can adopt processes, hardware and software devices which allow to operate independently.


In order to improve its inventory and reconciliation services and to always have the Client’s accounting system and physical reality aligned, Censit has developed a series of customized solutions, not available on the market, which maximize and optimize the potential of the RFID, QR Code and barcode technology by reducing the intervention times, limiting the number of resources and therefore cutting the maintenance costs.