Management software and technological innovation are extremely important pillars for all kind of companies, in order to maximize results while reducing costs.

Recently, the necessity of a solution that would allow to keep constantly aligned accounting system and the physical reality, overcoming the limitations of the most common ERP, became a pressing demand from our customers. Without finding any software solution on the market that would solved this need, using our experience and know-how, we decided to design and realize a new software in-house: C-Track.

Thanks to C-Track our customers can manage their assets on their own, combining and comparing results of physical inventory to their reference accounting system (SAP, Oracle, Zucchetti, Microsoft, AS400…), they can also independently manage all audit and update activities, they can track assets in the different production areas, in their offices, warehouses, laboratories, cleanrooms etc.

Censit offers customized solutions, in order to guarantee a simple managing of the assets inventory process. Also, we constantly test many different technologies, in order to improve and give always the best solutions to our clients.

The last C-track release, the innovating fixed asset management software created and developed by Censit, represents the final answer to all the client’s most important needs. A unique solution that gives total flexibility and a wide range of possible customizations compared to the traditional ERP, while ensuring a steady and full alignment.

Here are some of the advantages that prompted our customers to choose us:

C-Track, unlike all competing systems, is not a “showcase site” that only shows an inventory data, but is a real “process system” that obliges all parties involved to complete operations to be sure of a constant, correct and controllable physical-accounting alignment.
It does not require any modification or personalization of the customer’s IT system. It is available for Android and iOS environments. It interfaces with any ERP (SAP, AS400, Oracle, Microsoft, Zucchetti, …).
It automatically aligns itself with the Customer’s ERP, acknowledging, in a completely transparent way to the user, any changes that occur on the same.
Exploits the RFID, QR-Code and Barcode technologies indiscriminately and simultaneously.

C-track is a real breakthrough. It ensures:

  • 1 A software which doesn’t operate directly on the ERP system, but it maintains a constant and automatic alignment and it can perfectly integrate with all the possible modifications in the ERP, such as new purchases, sales, scrappings, without cancel or overwriting data.
  • 2 Safe management of all the authorizations, thanks to a multi-level frame which allows only certain figures to make specific operations, such as, for example, the selling flow. C-Track allows to set 4 different user-profiles: Physical Inventory, Accounting, Facility Management, Super-User.
  • 3 Management of the 1:N and N:M fixed assets reconciliations, usually not managed by the traditional ERP. Each single assets has its own history and registry even if it is part of a set item linked to the same accounting position.
  • 4 Conflict solving: C-Track automatically reports any possible discrepancy generated by a wrong information flow, such as the elimination of a record in the accounting system, without the contextual cancellation of the assets linked to the same accounting position
  • 5 Automatic mailing service which create an information flow to align all the professional figures involved (accounting and operations dept.) in complex process such as scrappings (by using automatic authorization flows)
  • 6 Log for all the activities
  • 7 Pricing of each single fixed asset in the 1:N and N:M reconciliations.
  • 8 Management of the photo book/report
Here we have all the possible C-Track configurations:


This feature is composed by an App (for smartphones) which allows the management of all the most important inventory and audit activities. This App operates in stand-alone mode and it is not connected to any system. 


It is the most complete solution. It offers a system that connects all data in one single Database that the client can easily consult via WEB. It is also automatically fully aligned to the client’s ERP system, ensuring total efficiency in managing all data linked to the single asset registered in the ERP system. This feature includes: C-Track Full Software Module (Web release): a only application, constantly aligned to the ERP, which receives and registers the information deriving from the physical inventory activity, thanks to the C-Track Mobile module. App C-Track Mobile: a complementary application developed for mobile devices. It allows to manage the “reading” of the labels directly from smartphone and tablet. All data are sent to the C-Track full module in total safety.